Lesja Open Air museum

In the summer time Lesja bygdemuseum is buzzing with life, just like a traditional farmstead in the 18th century. Try a sample of some traditional bakes like lefse, rømmebrød or flatbread and get friendly with our cozy lambs.

Welcome to Lesja Open Air museum

Have you ever wondered how life was in a mountain village 200 years ago, what did they eat, how did they live, die and work? In Lesja open air museum we illustrate many aspects of life in a mountain farmstead in the 18th and 19th century

Our 13 timbered buildings are centered around an open yard, with animals on the outskirts of the farm area. Every summer volunteers join us at the museum bringing the traditions to life. Visit the ladies baking traditional bread and cakes in the bakehouse, or watch the blacksmith transform iron rods into beautiful items in the smithy.

Chatt with the volunteers selling vaffels and coffee in Hattremstugu, or maybe you’ll get lucky and have an encounter with the old man rumored to walk around on the first floor in Bellestugu. If ghosts are a bit too much for you, we have friendly animals who loves a snack. Visit one of our exhibitions showing different aspects of daily life on the farm. Our guides walk around outside and are available for questions and guided tours.

A shop with uniqe products

The museum shop is located at the entrance to the museum. Here we strive to present unique handcrafted products from local suppliers and artists. We have local food, home made knitted products, sheepskin, pottery and much more.

Tunstugu cafe

Our museum cafe is open Saturday and Sunday in July. The cafe is situated in the museums main building and has a spectacular view of the museum and Reinheimen national park. In Tunstugu cafe we serve traditional local food made with produce from local farms in Gudbrandsdalen.
Open Saturday and Sunday from 30.6.2018 to 29.07.2018 from 12.00 to 17. 00

We receive groups outside normal visiting hours. For advance booking:


Visitor information

Facilities: Toilets, HC-toilet, nursery, accessible for wheelchair, museum shop, play area for children, animals, out door seating area, parking for car, buss and caravan.

Tuesday - Saturday: Our volunteer team sell vaffels and coffee in Hattremstugu

Opening hours

June 1. - August 20

10.00 - 16.00

August 21. - May 31.

By appointment








Vi tek i mot grupper utanom vanlege opningstider etter avtale, du kan bestille på booking@gudbrandsdalsmusea.no, omvising, leige.




906 82 070


Kyrkjevegen 91 Lesja


(WGS 84): N 62° 6.805', E 8° 51.229'

Events at Lesja Open Air museum



Lesja Open Air museum

Lesja Open Air museum

12 Jul - 18 Aug

Lesja Open Air museum

29 Jun - 17 Aug

Lesja Open Air museum

01 Jul - 17 Aug

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