Presthaugen - Lom open air museum

Like a hidden treasure, in the forrest behind Norway’s biggest stabbur you find Presthaugen, with buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th century.

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Presthaugen - Lom open air museum

Welcome to Presthaugen - Lom open air museum

As a breath from the past Lom open-air museum takes you back to time when life was conducted at an other pace. Walk among the houses and discover a traditional summer dairy farm, seter, a tenant farm and the main farm. Close your eyes and imagine life all those years ago, can you hear the 12 children who lived here or taste the freshly made butter on your lips? Presthaugen is surrounded by scattered forrest, situated just behind Lom mountain center.

All summer we have activities for children each Wednesday , guided tours Tuesday - Sunday and free admission.

Tangible farm history
If you were to enter a farm in the 18th century at sunrise, it would be buzzing with life and activity. As much as tre generation were often living together along with tenants, craftsmen unmarried siblings and vagabonds. During daytime most of the work outdoor were conducted, at night people would gather around the fireplace with handcraft enganging in storytelling and singing songs. Entering the houses at Presthaugen you can feel the atmosphere of past times.

Storstabburet («The large storehouse») from 1613 is possible the biggest in Norway, and considered a national treasure. See traces of past lives in the holes made bye poor people out to steal food. If you look closely you might even find hair from horses in between the logs.

All the houses at Lom open-air museum are from farms in Lom, Skjåk and Vågå.

Contact us for guided tours outside normal opening hours.

Opening hours

29.06 - 05.08

Tuseday - Sunday

11:00 - 16:00

Otherwise open by appointment

Sommaren gjennom kan du vandre i historiske omgjevnader kvar dag, titte inn i dei gamle husa eller sjå utstillinga i storstabburet. Kvar onsdag i sommar er det aktivitetsdag med tema som handverk, tradisjonsmat og slåttedag. Oppdatering på aktivitetar og påmelding kjem i sommarprogrammet. Tre torsdagar i juli kan du møte vår dyktige omvisar som tek deg med på ei vandring bygdamuseet og kulturhistoria. Turen avsluttar med ein folkemusikalsk oppleving i den 250 år gamle Glømsdalsstugu. To torsdagar blir det også kveldsseto i Glømsdalsstugu og kvar fredag er det vikingfredag for ungar.

Prisar: Inngang til museumsområdet er gratis
Pris på aktivitetar står i sommarprogrammet.

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