The Norwegian Reindeer trail

The Norwegian Reindeer takes you on amazing journey from alpine landscape trough picturesque mountain villages and spectacular mountain crossings, too romantic village museums and the world renown design icon Viewpoint Snøhetta.

Welcome to The Norwegian Reindeer trail

Ever since the ice receded from the northern parts of Scandinavian, people have exploited resources found in the mountains in Gudbrandsdalen. There is a long standing tradition of hunting Reindeer and utilizing the animal for food, tools and trading in Gudbrandsdalen. Explore the history of reindeer hunting and how it is still alive among people living in Gudbrandsdalen today along the Norwegian Reindeer trail.

In Lom at the Norwegian mountain center you can explore how people have made use of the mountains for recreation and gathering food for survival. See  archaeological findings from the national parks surrounding us and until recently covered by ice

On the journey from Lom to Lesja you travel by the mountain road Slådalsvegen. On the climb from Vågå up the mountainside you vill pass through a spectacular cultural landscape with small summer dairy farms, called seter in Norwegian. When you start on the descend towards Lesja you pass through a small information stop next to Fauttjønn. Here you can learn more about the in situ trapping construction used for capturing Reindeer in early medieval times.

In Lesja you can stop at Lesja open air museum with old timbered buildings situated around an open courtyard. The exhibition Villreingjegarane kjem (The Reindeer hunters arrive) tells the story of reindeer hunting through the past 50.000 years. Meet the people behind the archaeological findings, hear stories on how they utilized the reindeer for survival and sosial accepted and growth. Learn more about how reindeer hunting today is a central part of the modern society and life in Lesja.

From Lesja the trail continues to Dombås and then up towards Dovrefjell. At Hjerkinn you find The Norwegian Wild Reindeer center and View point Snøhetta. During the summer months you can explore how Reindeer, falcons and artic fox have been important means for economic growth and survival in the mountain area surrounding Dovrefjell.

1.5 km from the parking next to The Norwegian Wild Reindeer center you find View point Snøhetta. The award winning mountain pavilion overlooks the spectacular Dovrefjell mountains. It is a 20 minute walk from the car park to the pavilion. Along the pat you vil learn more about Dovrefjell and the wildlife in the area.



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Lesja bygdemuseum, Lesja, Norge