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In central locations in Gudbrandsdalen, from Ringebu in the south to Lesja in the north, you can visit one of Gudbrandsdalsmusea’s many locations. We make the valleys cultural heritage come alive through exhibitions, demonstrations and story telling.
Among our collections you find furnished timber houses. Household,  farming and crafting equipment. As vel as instruments, pictures, letters and everything else you needed to live your life in a mountain village from the 17th century until present.
Walk around among timbered houses from the 17th, 18th and 19th century in Lesja, Lom and Vågå and discover the many aspects of life at the time. Our open air museums have a variety of activities throughout the year.

Opplandsarkivet consist of several private archives and are ideal for genealogy reachers. You can, with the help from our skilled archivist, discover forgotten stories that bring the past to life. We have  large collections of folk music, sheet music and recordings from live performances in Gudbrandsdalen, at our archives in Vågå and Vinstra. Our archivists are there to help you on your way to more knowledge about Gudbrandsdalens cultural heritage.    

Are you fascinated by the history of war? Then you can  visit Gudbrandsdalen war memorial collection and learn more about how the second world war was fought in Gudbrandsdalen. Our skilled guid will take you through the exhibitions and answer any questions you might have about life in Gudbrandsdalen during world war II.
Traveling through Dombås, we recommend a stop at Einbustugu, the childhood home of the world renown astronaut Sigurd Einbu. See the telescope he used to discover a nova in Gemini in 1912. A self learned man, he received a grant from the government in 1908 and could dedicate himself to his passion. The collection contains, papers, books and letters left after Sigurd Einbu.

In Lom you find the Norwegian mountain center dedicated to the story of how people through time has used the mountains for travel, recreation and  transportation. Next to the stave church in Lom you find a stave church exhibition, here you learn more about how the church was built and what roll it had and still has amongst the people in the area. We also have a stave church exhibition situated close to Ringebu stave church.

Our main administration and pilgrim center is located at Dale-Gudbrands gard, a place with an important place in the Norwegian history, the farm is mentioned in the old norse sagas. Walk the path of the Vikings and medieval pilegrims and learn about the events that shaped Norwegian history. During the summer months the pilgrim center and farm shop is open every day.


Dale-Gudbrands Gard, Hundorpgeilen 10, 2647 Sør-Fron

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Gudbrandsdalsmusea AS
Dale Gudbrands Gard, Hundorpgeilen 10
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